Password Manager

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## Information about registering mobile numbers

For self-service password change and account unlocking, you must have an official or registered mobile number.

1. It is not necessary to register **employee official** numbers, they are already stored in our systems.
2. Students and lecturers can record their personal contact phone numbers in the [_fa fa-external-link_ **Neptun system**]( The number recorded in Neptun can be used in this system from the next day. [_fa fa-file-pdf_ More help](/neptun-mobil.pdf)
3. Our employees can enter a **private phone number** in this password management system, which we use only for identification. You must be logged in to use the ["Manage private numbers"](/self/mobile) function.
   The private phone number can also be deleted there.

If you have forgotten your password and do not have a registered mobile number, 
please contact the Study Department / Registrar’s Office (students) or the [Service Desk]( (employees).


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